Fast Way to Recycle Air Conditioner Radiator

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There are different kinds of scrap radiators, aluminum, copper-aluminum, and copper-brass. Scrap air conditioner radiators are almost exclusively copper-aluminum. You can easily pick up or buy them off from an HVAC man. AC units are built with a radiator that has copper tubes with aluminum fins around. They are used to compress air and radiate off heat. Finally they become a specialized scrap item at most scrap yards. Copper is so valuable that it can be recycled for money, and the aluminum can also be recycled.

By recycling aluminum copper radiators, we can not only have economic benefits, but also many environmental benefits to individuals, organizations, companies and industries. The bigger the AC unit, the larger its radiators are and the more valuable it is.

With Waste radiator recycling equipment, the radiator doesn’t need preprocessing, and different metals will come out separately in pieces. The recycling rate can reach 99.5%. The belt conveyor conveys waste radiators into the first crusher, where they are cut into pieces with length in 10~20mm, and then transported to the second crusher, shredded to smaller pieces.

The magnetic separator separates iron from copper and aluminum, and the copper pieces and aluminum pieces are further separated by the vibrating separator. So you have different metal pieces in hand, and the next is just selling them for a good price. From the working process, we see the belt conveyor plays an important role. It connects the whole line and has a high strength. You will just have to grind the blade of first crusher in two months and second crusher in one month.


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