Circuit Boards Separation Recycling Equipment

Time:2024-04-01 16:01:00 Author:Suny Group

E-waste has become a growing global problem due to the rapid increase in the use and turnover of electronic equipment. Among the various components of e-waste, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are of particular concern due to their high metal content and potential environmental pollution. To address this issue, SUNY GROUP has developed a complete range of technologies and equipment for PCB separation and recycling.



First of all, we have fully automated dismantling equipment, also known as circuit board disintegrators or circuit board burners, for dismantling electronic components from discarded circuit boards. Circuit boards are the main body of electronic and electrical products and the core object of WEEE recycling and treatment. Through the dismantling of circuit board dismantling machine, we can directly de-tin and collect many kinds of components on the circuit board for the next step of processing.

Next, we use physical crushing and grinding technology. This process crushes the PCB motherboards that have passed through the disassembly into small pieces and grinds them. Then, they are separated based on physical characteristics such as magnetic permeability, electrical conductivity, density and size. In this process, we use equipment such as pulverizers, magnetic separators, eddy current separators and air flow classifiers.

The next step is hydrometallurgical processing. After physical separation, we typically use a hydrometallurgical process to recover valuable metals from the remaining material. This process involves leaching the material using acids or other solvents to dissolve the metals, and then recovering the metals from solution by precipitation or electrolytic deposition. Equipment used in hydrometallurgical processing includes leaching reactors, filter presses, and electrolysis tanks.

There is also pyrometallurgical processing as a method of recovering metals from PCBs. This process involves heating the material in a furnace to melt the metal, which can then be separated and recovered. The equipment used in pyrometallurgical processing includes furnaces, slag tanks, and casting molds.

PCB recycling is a complex process that requires a variety of specialized equipment. As the e-waste problem continues to grow, the development and improvement of these technologies is critical to mitigate the recycling and reuse of electronic equipment waste. If you are interested or have further needs, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with consulting services.


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