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Environmentally friendly PCB board recycling machine

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Circuit boards or circuit boards are an important part of electronic products. Every year, a large number of discarded electronic products are eliminated, such as mobile phones, computers, home appliances, controllers, etc., and a large number of used circuit boards or Circuit boards, which contain a large amount of metal, such as copper, are non-renewable resources and have high recycling value.

PCB board recycling machine

In the recycling process of the waste circuit board, the first thing to do is to separate the electronic components and the motherboard of the circuit board by a fully automatic dismantling machine, high temperature tin removal, and the electronic components can be further recycled. The remaining motherboards can be crushed and sorted and recycled through another set of equipment, the PCB board recycling machine .

The production and research of waste circuit board recycling production line can carry out a series of effective recycling and recycling for waste circuit boards. The whole process adopts dry sorting technology, which is non-polluting, high in efficiency, stable and cost-effective. At the same time, it is more important to comply with the current development trend, to use environmental protection, and not to be adversely affected.


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