Comparison of Copper Cable and Aluminum Cable

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Copper cable and aluminum cable are two popular cables in the cable industry. Both of them have some strong pointes over others. However, if you compare features of the two cables, you will find the one that most suits you.Let us look at the advantages of the two cables.

Advantages of Copper Cable  

1. Low resistivity: The resistivity of aluminum cable is about 1.8 times higher than that of copper cable.

2. High intensity: At room temperature, copper is 7 to 28% higher than aluminum in allowable stress. The difference is even bigger under high temperature stress. 

3. Anti-fatigue: Aluminum cable is easy to break with repeated bending. In terms of elastic indicators, copper is approximately 1.7 to 1.8 times higher than aluminum. 

4. Good stability and corrosion resistance: Copper core is anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant, while aluminum core is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.

5. Ampacity: The copper cable’s ampacity is about 30% higher than that of aluminum.

Advantages of aluminum cable

1. Low price: The price of Copper rod is 3.5 times higher than that of aluminum rod, but the specific gravity of copper is 3.3 times bigger than that of aluminum. 

2. Light weight: Aluminum cable weight is 40% of the copper cable weight, so the aluminum’s construction and transportation costs are low.

3. Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion: The aluminum wire is a required material of the high-voltage, large cross-section, and large span of overhead transmission.

We can see that, although aluminum cable is cheaper, copper cable has a prominent advantage for its low accident rate, anti-corrosion and high reliability in the cable supply, especially in the field of underground cables.  


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