Utilizing an Advanced Copper Motor Recycling System

Time:2023-11-04 15:51:15 Author:Suny Group

We all know that motors contain a large amount of copper windings and rotors, which have high recycling value. However, manually disassembling and recycling motors is an arduous and inefficient process. With advanced automated recycling technology, scrap copper motor recycling can become efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Copper Motor Scrap

Copper Motor Scrap

The Copper Motor Recycling Machine launched by SUNY GROUP - a specially designed device designed to effectively release, separate and recycle copper components from discarded motors. By investing in this system, automotive recyclers can maximize productivity and copper recovery rates.

How does it work? The recycling machine uses a multi-stage process to disassemble the motor and separate the material:

1. Automated disassembly station - removes external components such as housings, fans and mounting hardware.

2. Coarse Shredding - Use an industrial shredder to break down the motor into smaller pieces.

3. Fine crushing - Use the crusher motor to further crush into finer particles of 2-5 mm.

4. Air Separation - Use controlled air flow to separate light and heavy materials. Lightweight aluminum and plastic are blown into the dust collector, and copper chips fall into the collection tank.

5. Magnetic Separator - Uses strong magnets to extract any ferrous scrap from the copper stream.

6. Collection - High purity copper pellets are collected and packaged in preparation for sale to smelters.

Motor Scrap Recycling Machine Site

Motor Scrap Recycling Machine Site

Key features and benefits

1. Fully automatic operation, high safety and high efficiency.

2. Can handle 2-4 tons of motors per hour depending on size.

3. Copper purity reaches more than 98%.

4. At least manual sorting is required to reduce labor costs.

5. Fine particle size improves smelting efficiency.

6. Compared with manual motor recycling, energy consumption is lower.

7. Reduce emissions and noise pollution.

8. Equipped with dust suppression system.

9. Provide complete system including all peripherals.

This specialized recycling machine enables profitable and sustainable recycling of copper components from end-of-life electric motors. It unlocks the full value of motor recycling by maximizing automation, productivity and material purity. This system provides the ideal solution to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-growing scrap metal recycling industry.


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