Copper Recycling Technology Alternative to Baseline Technology

Author:Suny Group

Time goes by, the new cables will be aging and replaced by other cables. Since the metal core of these cables is aluminum or copper, they are of great recycling value. How to efficiently recycle these metals has been a hot topic in recent times.

Contaminated cable is more difficult to process compared with other cables. The baseline technology is to remove contaminated cable from a facility being decommissioned, size and package cables in waste containers, and then wait further process as low-level waste. This practice could be reduced or eliminated if copper recycling were to become the baseline for disposition of contaminated cable. If the cables are not contaminated, baseline technology is to remove the cable from decommissioned facilities, load the cables into a dump truck and sell them as scrap.

The copper cable recycling technology alternative to baseline technology should be considered as a means of recovering valuable resources, reducing costs and reducing the generation and storage of waste. In this process, no pollution will generate any more. Dust and insulation granules that result form cable materials can be used as void filler while the copper can be reused in various field.

Besides, copper cable recycling technology includes the following methods: cryogenic freezing method, chemical stripping method, thermal decomposition and mechanical separation. The first method makes use of extreme low temperature to separate the copper of the waste copper wire from insulation. Thermal method is opposite to this method. High-quality copper as the chemical stripping method gets, it may cause pollution. Mechanical separation is the most widely used method in copper recycling.

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