How do you separate copper from wires?

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There are many ways to separate copper wire from wire. The three main ways are manual stripping, combustion separation and mechanical separation. Manual stripping is not only inefficient, but also has potential safety hazards. Combustion and separation cause serious environmental pollution and reduce the quality of copper. Therefore, the current popular method is to recover copper from electric wires by means of mechanical crushing and sorting.


Waste wire shredding, sorting and recycling equipment is a kind of equipment specially used for recycling waste wires. It can crush, separate and recycle waste wires, so as to realize the reuse of resources. This kind of equipment is usually composed of crusher, vibrating screen, air separator, electrostatic separator and so on. Among them, the vibrating screen is mainly used to screen out materials of different particle sizes, and the airflow separator and electrostatic separator are mainly used to separate materials such as copper and plastic. This kind of equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, so it has been widely used in the waste wire recycling industry.

waste wire recycling copper wire equipment

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Difficulties in shredding, sorting, and recycling of waste wires: There are two key points in recycling copper from waste wires. One is recycling efficiency. This problem can be solved by using waste wire recycling equipment. The output can range from 100-1000kg/h, and a large amount of copper is Recycling can truly realize its recycling value. Another difficulty is the recovery rate of copper, that is, the purity of the recovered copper. The higher the purity, the higher the usable value. However, because different customers have different waste wires, even the same customer may have multiple waste wires. Wires, so it is necessary to adopt different recycling schemes for different customers, and repeatedly debug the recycling equipment to achieve the desired effect.


The price of waste wire recycling copper wire equipment: mainly affected by the output and the type of wire, the price will be different. If you need to invest in waste wire recycling business, it is best to buy the equipment directly from the manufacturer. On the one hand, the price can be lower. In addition, the debugging personnel The experience is also richer, and the equipment can exert more value.

The benefits of recycling waste wires include: reducing waste of resources, reducing environmental pollution, saving energy, reducing production costs, etc. By recycling used wires, useful materials can be reused, thereby reducing the consumption of natural resources. In addition, waste wires contain a large amount of harmful substances, which will cause serious pollution to the environment if they are discarded at will. Therefore, recycling waste wires can effectively reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, recycling waste wires can also save energy and reduce production costs, which is also very beneficial to enterprises.


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