How do you separate plastic from aluminum?

Time:2023-05-27 17:04:06 Author:Suny Group

Depending on the type and shape of the material, there are different ways to separate plastic from aluminum. A commonly used method is to use the aluminum-plastic separator developed and manufactured by SUNY GROUP, first use a crusher to break it into smaller particles, then use a grinder to process it into powder, and then use a vibrating screen to screen out larger particles , and finally use an electrostatic separator to separate the plastic particles from the aluminum particles. This method can achieve a high separation rate of 98-99%.

Aluminum plastic crushing and sorting equipment

Aluminum plastic crushing and sorting equipment

Another method is to use specialized machines to separate aluminum and plastic from aluminum composites, such as aluminum-plastic plate separators, etc. This method can also achieve high separation rates, saving energy and labor.

Aluminum plastic plate separator

Aluminum plastic plate separator

There are several benefits to separating plastic from aluminum, such as:

Reduce environmental impact. Recycling aluminum and plastic saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps waste from going to landfills. Aluminum recycling could also reduce the need to mine bauxite, which can negatively impact biodiversity and water quality.

Add economic value. Both aluminum and plastic have a higher recycling value than hybrid materials and can be reused for various purposes such as decoration, packaging, clothing, furniture and more. Recycling aluminum and plastic can also create jobs and income for the recycling industry.

improve product quality. Separating aluminum and plastic ensures that the recycled material is purer and performs better than mixed materials. For example, recycled aluminum maintains its strength and durability, while recycled plastic improves color and clarity.

Challenges of separation and recycling of aluminum and plastic:

Recycling rates are low, and while aluminum and plastic are highly recyclable, many of these materials end up in landfills or incinerators rather than being recycled.

Recycling aluminum and plastic requires different methods and technologies depending on the type and quality of the material. Even if it is the same equipment and material, it needs to be continuously debugged by rich technical personnel to achieve the desired effect.

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