How to recycle electronic waste such as mobile phones and computers?

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With the widespread use of mobile phones and computers, a large number of discarded computers and mobile phones are produced every year. These traditional electronic wastes actually still have great recycling value.

First of all, when we collect a large number of scrapped mobile phones and computers into one piece, we need to carry out preliminary dismantling, which is generally dismantled into plastic shells, circuit boards, cups and memory sticks inside. The plastic shell can be further crushed by a crusher and then directly recycled.

How to recycle electronic waste such as mobile phones and computers
How to recycle electronic waste such as mobile phones and computers?

The remaining waste circuit boards need to be further disassembled to obtain circuit board motherboards and electronic components, and the circuit board motherboards can be further broken, pulverized, sorted and other operations to obtain resin powder and metal powder, which are Recyclable.

The last is the recovery of precious metals in electronic waste, which mainly exist in the key parts of electronic components, cups and other electronic products. These can be recycled through precious metal extraction equipment or gold refining and extraction equipment, and the economic value of precious metals extracted from them is very considerable. of.

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