How to recycle waste circuit board electronic components?

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A large number of waste circuit boards will be produced in various waste electronic products. If the waste circuit board resources can be recycled and reused, it can not only save resources, but also protect the environment. So how to recycle waste circuit boards?

The electronic components on the circuit boards in different electronic products are very different, the types are different, and their composition materials are also different, and there are differences in the recycling and processing methods. Common waste circuit boards are mainly the components obtained after the dismantling of various waste electronic products. If you want to recycle them, you need to finely dismantle them for recycling. Generally speaking, if the waste collection station recycles waste electronic equipment, it will disassemble the circuit boards, and then sell them to companies specializing in recycling circuit boards.

Electronic Components
Electronic Components

The early circuit board recycling is mainly to extract valuable metals after dismantling. This recycling method will generate various waste gas and waste residue, and random discharge will cause serious pollution to the environment. Some small workshops are not qualified to recycle circuit boards without passing the EIA. With the upgrading of the stripping technology of waste circuit board components, different materials are sorted out and collected separately, which is more conducive to resource recycling, energy saving and emission reduction, and can also reduce the spread of toxic and harmful substances to the environment.


How to deal with waste circuit boards?

1. Dismantling

There are many dismantling methods for waste circuit boards, including temperature difference method, mechanical method, etc. Which method to use for dismantling depends on the company's own equipment and technical conditions. For the dismantling and crushing of waste circuit boards, corresponding qualifications are required!

2. Separation

After the electronic components are disassembled from the circuit board, the metal and non-metal can be separated by multi-stage crushing and multi-stage sorting.

3. Recycling

After separation of materials such as metal and non-metal resin, metal regeneration, resin powder treatment, etc. can be carried out. These renewable resources can be reused.



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