Method for recycling and reusing scrap electronic waste circuit boards

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At present, the waste circuit boards on the market are mainly circuit boards such as household appliances and computers. Therefore, it can be divided into several categories for recycling. Those with electronic components need to be disassembled manually first, and then disassembled and recycled by circuit board recycling equipment; those without electronic components can be directly smashed and recycled.

scrap electronic waste circuit boards
scrap electronic waste circuit boards

At present, the recycling of waste circuit boards has become an industry, which has far-reaching significance for social development. Recycling waste circuit boards can reduce resource waste, environmental pollution and other problems. The equipment and process for recycling waste printed circuit boards by physical methods mainly include the crushing and dissociation of waste printed circuit boards, and the separation of metals and non-metals by dry and wet separation techniques.

The study found that when crushed to 1.2 mm, the waste motherboard can be basically dissociated, and the crushed product contains about 6% copper, 18% other metals, and 76% non-metals; copper is mainly distributed in <0.5 mm powder, and the metal is mainly In the particle size >0.5 mm; the high-frequency airflow separator can effectively separate non-metals and metals, and its separation particle size range is wide, the separation lower limit is low, and the operating cost is low. It is an ideal dry separation.

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