How to make tire crushing and recycling equipment work better?

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In order to better put the tire crushing and recycling equipment into production, we should do the following before starting the test machine:

1. The quality of the raw materials that the test machine needs to use: uniform particle size, the size of the water content of the material, and the presence or absence of impurities.

2. Check whether there are suitable crushing process conditions for the sample, whether the quality of the installed shell and lining plate is reliable, and the uniformity should not be achieved when feeding.

3. Start the lubricating oil pump, observe whether the swing of each ammeter is normal, the screw is running smoothly, and then put in after everything is ready.

4. When the tire shredder enters the formal feeding, it should be small and uniform, observe the changes and operating conditions of each ammeter, and clean the impurities on the surface of the mineral raw materials. After everything reaches a normal state, the amount of material should be gradually increased. Pay attention to maintaining a certain Adjust the working speed, record the discharge amount and discharge amount under each condition, and record the discharge particle size.

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

Tire shredders are specially designed for all types of tires. It can tear rubber tires, bias tires, radial tires, car tires, etc. well. After the tire pulverizer, it can be ground into powder by the pulverizer equipment, and then processed and recycled. As a professional tire recycling equipment manufacturer, SUNY GROUP has rich experience in tire crushing and recycling and first-class technical after-sales. If you plan to engage in waste tire recycling business or want to know or consult, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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