Promising Industry:Copper Wire Recycling

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Before talking copper wire recycling itself, we should have a basic knowledge of copper consumption. Copper plays an important role in modern industry because of its good electrical conductivity, great ductility and the relative price advantage. Then what is the supply and demand situation of copper?

As we all know, electrical industry is the main sector of copper consumption. Construction, Manufacturing industry and transportation also need great amounts of copper.  Besides, copper is widely used in communication equipment like mobile phone, TV, communication satellite, etc. It is because of its multifunction that the need of copper is large. The future need for copper will must increase greatly.

To the contrary, although the productivity of copper has increased a lot, it can not completely satisfy the need of modern industry. The shortage of copper concentrate leads to our demand for copper scrap recycling. Besides, from a long term, copper recycling is also inevitable since copper is unrenewable resource. As we mentioned, electrical industry is the main field of copper consumption, a large amount of copper wire scrap will be generated. 

The copper in these copper wire scrap are mostly in good condition. If most of copper wire scrap can be efficiently recycled and reused, it will produce great economical effect. Then how to efficiently recycle these copper scrap?

There exits many methods such as thermal decomposition, cryogenic freezing method, chemical agents, etc. Of them, I think the most economical and efficient method is mechanical method. Cable Wire Recycling Machine is the common machine in copper recycling. A good copper cable let your work half the done.


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