What is the Value of Recycle Waste Cable Wire?

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Sources of waste cable wire Old cables wires are very common scraps in communication engineering, and you can often see large piles of leftover materials. Most of the waste cables wire are disposed as scraps directly, but some old cables wires are also recycled and reused.


What is the Value of Recycle Waste Cable Wire?

In general, old cable wire sheath is low plastic in PVC materials as it cannot be directly reused (generally, the grinding materials inside contain hybrid copper wires), and it must be re-granulated. But since the chlorine contained in the cable sheath is medium, the requirement to the granulating machine is not high. A machine with a single screw is enough to work, and most PVC granules are reused in producing new cables and wires.

The recovery value of waste cables wires The main purpose of recycling waste cables wire is to refine various precious metals such as copper, aluminum and plumbum, which have high utilization value.

Anyway, technology improves at a rapid pace. The most popular method of recycling of scrap cables wires is through cable wire recycling machine with high efficiency, non-pollution, high recovery . If there are a lot of unwanted cables and wires in your location, and you have already known the recovery value of them.please take action.


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