Solar panel recycler value and process

Time:2023-01-25 15:30:59 Author:Suny Group

With the increasing number of decommissioned photovoltaic modules, how to properly dispose of these modules has become a new environmental and social issue. While recycling silicon PV modules is technically feasible, it is often not economically viable for various reasons such as high disposal costs and low waste volumes that do not justify the input costs.

Today, SUNY GROUP has developed a novel, simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of recycling silicon photovoltaic modules. The process includes aluminum frame disassembly, glass crushing and separation, and electrostatic separation for centralized material handling.

Through this process, materials such as aluminum, glass, and precious metals can be obtained for further recycling and reuse.

The disassembled aluminum frame does not have any accessories made of other materials, including the same aluminum alloy as the corner code. So it can be taken to the aluminum smelter for refurbishment.

In addition to the solar frame, the recycling rate of other materials of photovoltaic modules can also reach more than 95%. Glass can be recycled in glass manufacturers, silicon can be reused in precious metal manufacturers, waste plastics can be used as fuel, and the remaining cables and connectors can be recycled. Crushed to make copper beads.

nd-of-life solar panel recycling process

End-of-life solar panel recycling process

Solar panel recycling process:

1. Disassemble the scrapped photovoltaic modules, remove the backplane, frame and wires;

2. Smash scrapped photovoltaic modules and remove the outer tempered glass;

3. Crushing, sorting and recycling the disassembled solar panels to obtain the metal inside.

Solar panels are made of components that are firmly connected to each other. Therefore, it is very important to completely separate the solar panels and return them to reusable materials. Based on years of experience in solid waste treatment and recycling, SUNY GROUP has developed a powerful recycling system for crushing and separating photovoltaic modules, effectively realizing the recycling and reuse of scrapped solar panels.


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