What is the recycling process of scrap lithium batteries?

Time:2023-05-02 18:02:36 Author:Suny Group

With the increasing number of new energy vehicles, the update iteration of lithium batteries is also accelerating. For individual users, waste lithium batteries can be handed over to relevant recycling sites for recycling. Before recycling, please be sure to separate the positive and negative terminals of the lithium battery with tape, wires, etc., to avoid safety accidents caused by short circuits.

The lithium battery recycling process includes the following steps:

Waste lithium battery recycling process

Waste lithium battery recycling process

1. Classification: Classify the recycled lithium batteries according to brand, model and battery type.

2. Sorting: sort the classified lithium batteries carefully and store them in different boxes.

3. Cutting: For different battery types and models, cutting methods are different, but special cutting equipment is required for operation.

4. Crushing: Crusher equipment for rolling and crushing.

5. Separation: Separate the broken lithium-ion battery into elements such as positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolyte solution.

6. Dehydration: Use chemical agents to remove the electrolyte solution in the crushed lithium battery.

7. Recycling: Recover the positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte solution and other elements, and then carry out secondary refining and recycling, and use them as raw materials for the production of new lithium batteries.

8. Treatment: Treat and dispose of waste and pollutants that cannot be recycled and reused.

The above are some typical lithium battery recycling processes. The actual situation may vary due to factors such as battery type and equipment type. Recycling lithium batteries is of great significance to environmental protection and resource recycling. SUNY GROUP has rich experience and technical accumulation in the recycling and reuse of scrap lithium batteries. According to the needs of various customers, it can formulate different recycling programs, such as carbonization furnace carbonization recycling, crushing and sorting recycling, etc. At present, customers have spread all over the world. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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