What is the working principle of the double shaft shredder?

Time:2023-05-03 18:08:51 Author:Suny Group

The Twin Shaft Shredder is a versatile and powerful shredder that is commonly used in large industrial and commercial settings to process waste, scrap, waste electronics and more. Its design structure consists of two rotating axes, each equipped with a blade or controller, which can efficiently shred the material into small pieces or filaments. Double shaft shredders are available in various models and specifications, which can be customized according to the application and material type. It has a wide range of applications and has been widely used in petrochemical, steel, chemical, construction and other industries.

Double shaft shredder test machine

Double shaft shredder test machine

The double-shaft shredder is an efficient mechanical equipment used to decompose waste, waste, waste, overflow, waste, discarded materials, etc., and can also be used to process biochemical toxic sludge, waste paper, wood, plastic, metal, etc. Various waste items. Its main principles are as follows:

The double-shaft shredder adopts the method of alternate rotation of two shafts, in which different types of knives are installed on the two shafts to alternately cut and shred materials.

The four sides of the double-shaft shredder have knife teeth, which can tear the object from four different directions and destroy the structure of the object to the greatest extent.

Driven by a motor, the machine cuts and shreds at high speed, and operates at different speeds through the brake system and reducer to meet the processing needs of different items.

The double-shaft shredder adopts an automatic control system to realize functions such as automatic control, automatic monitoring, and fault diagnosis, which improves production efficiency and reduces manual operations.

In short, the double-shaft shredder decomposes all kinds of waste into small pieces by using the double-shaft alternate rotation, cutting, tearing, etc., so as to facilitate subsequent processing and reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. It is an ideal Green facilities. SUNY GROUP, as a professional manufacturer of solid waste recycling equipment, has great advantages in shredders, because the recycling of waste materials basically needs to be shredded by shredders, so we can carry out according to different materials of customers. Permanent crushing treatment, if you need, please contact us for consultation.


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