How to debug the mask machine - the debugging process of the mask machine

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Now the mask machines all over the world are producing masks at full power, but the machines are frequently used or prone to problems during use. SUNY GROUP summarizes the problems in the production process of the mask machine, and also summarizes the debugging process of the mask machine. I hope you read it. After that, you can better understand the problem of the mask machine and solve the problem.

mask machine

1. Select the same number of power supply and vibrator, the number of power supply is usually marked near the vibrator interface.

2. Turn on the power and press the sonic detection button to check whether the ammeter and voltmeter are deflected.

3. Turn off the power, insert the vibrator, and turn the power on again. Press the sonic detection button and observe the reading of the ammeter and voltmeter.

4. Open the small square on the right, press and hold the screw, loosen the nut, fine-tune the screw, press the sonic detection button every half circle, and observe the ammeter reading until the current reading is adjusted to 0.9A (no-load current is about 0.5A, and the die current is about 0.5A). At this time, observe the reading of the voltmeter, generally within 2V, if possible, use a multimeter with frequency detection to detect the frequency of the vibrator, generally below 19.9khz, generally not more than 20.05 khz

5. After the above conditions are met, hold down the screw, lock the screw in this position, tighten the nut, and remember not to let the screw follow in the process of tightening the nut. At this point, a test can be performed to test the welding effect (under normal circumstances, it can be used normally after this step)

6. Connect the trigger line, that is, the socket at the lower end of the vibrator interface, should be connected to the relay of the programmable logic controller.

The above is the general process of debugging the mask machine. In the actual operation process, there may be other problems, because when purchasing a mask machine, it is also very important to understand the technical strength and after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer. As a company, SUNY GROUP Professional mask machine equipment manufacturers have first-class technical level and rich experience, especially when customers encounter problems, they will give detailed answers and troubleshooting in time. Of course, if you need it, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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