What is the effect of electrostatic separation of aluminum-plastic waste crushing?

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When recycling aluminum-plastic wastes such as waste aluminum-plastic panels, waste medical panels, etc., we often use a key technology - electrostatic sorting. Electrostatic sorting and recycling technology can effectively separate the pulverized aluminum-plastic mixed powder to obtain pure aluminum powder and plastic, in which both aluminum and plastic can be reused.

The aluminum-plastic separation equipment first puts the aluminum-plastic mixed product into the pulverizer for mechanical pulverization, making it a mechanical mixture of aluminum particles and scraps; However, most of the aluminum particles and smaller scraps of paper fall through the screen holes and fall through the screen holes; in the process of falling, after wind selection and electrostatic separation, the aluminum particles and debris are separated, thereby completing the separation of aluminum and plastic. separation.

The principle of electrostatic separator and the range of material sorting:

Electrostatic sorting equipment has good sorting effect on copper-plastic mixture particles, aluminum-plastic mixture particles, metals and non-metals, conductors and non-conductors. The principle of the electrostatic separator is to use the difference in the electrical conductivity of the materials to separate the materials under the action of electricity and mechanical force in the composite electric field combining the high-voltage corona electric field and the high-voltage electrostatic electric field.

What is the effect of electrostatic separation of aluminum-plastic waste crushing
What is the effect of electrostatic separation of aluminum-plastic waste crushing

Equipment advantages:

1. Since tens of thousands of volts of high voltage are generated inside the equipment during operation, special attention should be paid to personal safety during operation. Even if the machine stops working, there is still a high-voltage charge inside the equipment, which will bring danger to the staff if they are not careful during operation. Therefore, Lvjie Environmental Protection has specially designed an automatic discharge function for this situation, which provides a reliable safety guarantee for the operation of the operator. ;

2. During the operation of the equipment for a period of time, a large amount of dust will be generated inside, which directly affects the sorting effect. Lvjie Environmental Protection has specially designed an intermittent dust blowing device for this purpose, so that the equipment can always maintain a better sorting effect;

3. The electrostatic sorting machine uses a stable high-voltage electrostatic power supply. Due to the influence of weather and humidity or the peak time of electricity consumption, the voltage will change. The instability of the high-voltage power supply will affect the sorting quality. Automatic voltage regulation device, so that the high voltage power supply is stable;

4. According to the different materials, the electrostatic sorting equipment adopts a unique feeding method, or adopts a separate frequency conversion speed control to control the feeding, so that the materials can enter the corona electric field evenly, which can achieve a better sorting effect of the materials;

5. Ancillary products: pulverizers, fine crushers, feeders, conveyors, dust removal systems, storage bins, grading screens and other products with a high degree of automation. Different materials, choose different decomposition and separation devices;

6. The electrostatic sorting equipment is easy to maintain, easy to operate and easy to use. The speed adjustment and feeding adjustment are all controlled by frequency conversion, and the national standard motor is matched, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

The above is about the application of electrostatic separation technology equipment in the process of recycling aluminum-plastic waste. In order to recover aluminum-plastic waste scientifically and reasonably, the application of electrostatic separation technology is very important. If you are interested in the equipment, please feel free to consult with us.


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