How to maintain the high-speed one-to-one mask machine?

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The high-speed automatic flat mask production line is a fully automatic production line customized for the production of flat masks. It is a one-line automatic operation from raw material feeding to finished product completion, including automatic feeding, nose wire insertion, folding, ultrasonic welding, and slicing. , welding wire and other full automation.

The automatic mask machine is used for the production of disposable flat masks. It is a one-for-one disposable mask production line. It has the characteristics of high output, convenient operation, labor saving and time saving, and high yield.

However, the normal operation of the automatic one-to-one high-speed plane mask machine is inseparable from daily maintenance and maintenance. Doing good equipment maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also greatly increase the production capacity.

Description of daily maintenance items:

1. Host operation panel

Wipe the surface dust and oil.

2. Motor wiring, origin, limit sensor

Wipe the surface dust and oil.

3. Field moving parts screws

If the screw is found to be loose, it needs to be tightened

4. Arrangement of production costs and materials

Ear straps, nose bridge strips, folding mask cutting and other wastes should be cleaned up in time.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

One-week maintenance item description:

1. Electrical cabinet

Whether there is dust or material falling in the electrical cabinet, it needs to be removed.

2. Host operation panel

If the internal connector is loose, re-tighten it.

3. Motor wiring, origin, limit sensor.

Check whether the connecting line is loose or has poor contact, and then re-tighten it.

4. Check whether the connector of the connecting line in the moving state of the machine is loose, please connect it properly.

Whether the wiring is ground to foreign objects, please exclude

Whether the wiring is stained with oil, please remove it.

Description of monthly maintenance items:

1. Electrical cabinet

Check whether the connectors inside the electrical cabinet are loose and re-lock them.

2. Machine fixed support foot anti-loose screw

Check whether the anti-loosening screws of the machine's fixed support feet are loose, and then re-tighten them.

3. Material rack

Whether it is stable, the position is inclined, and if so, adjust.

4. Gears, chains

Grease with butter.

5. Die

Check whether the die is chipped, and replace it in time if there is.

The above is the relevant introduction and reference about the maintenance and maintenance of the one-to-one mask machine. SUNY GROUP is a professional mask machine equipment manufacturer with rich experience and first-class technology. Each mask machine is equipped with detailed instructions for use and after-sales maintenance. And can be customized according to customer needs. If you have related needs, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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