How to recycle the copper and aluminum in the air conditioner radiator?

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In daily life, the most common is the air conditioner, and the heat sink used in the air conditioner is basically composed of copper tubes, of which copper content is about 80%, aluminum accounts for 15%, and iron accounts for about 5%. Compared with other raw materials, the metal content is more, and the metal resources are also relatively high-quality.

Waste Radiator

The radiator of the water tank in the general car is also the radiator of the air conditioner that we often use in our lives. The copper content is about 55%, the aluminum content is about 40%, the iron content is about 5%, and the copper and aluminum content is about 5%. relatively average. So how to recycle the copper and aluminum in the air conditioner radiator?

There is a device called a pipe stripping machine. As the name suggests, it is a machine used to strip copper pipes. The copper pipes in the air conditioner radiator can be peeled off by physical extrusion of the machine, and the rest is aluminum foil. However, the stripping machine is only suitable for flat single-layer heat sinks, and cannot handle irregular-shaped heat sinks. As for the irregular and thick heat sinks that are difficult to handle, they need to be processed by heat sink crushing and sorting equipment.

The "Scrap Air Conditioning Radiator Copper Tube Aluminum Foil Separator" produced by SUNY GROUP has the advantages of reasonable design, simple operation, low separation cost, low labor intensity, strong, not easy to damage, small footprint, small investment, etc. It can process radiators in 1 day 2-4 tons, recyclers can sell copper and aluminum separately to increase income. This machine is easy to operate, high efficiency, labor-saving, is a good equipment for health, , and has better social and economic benefits.

Waste Radiator Cutting Separating Machine

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