How to recycle the copper in waste wires?

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Scrap wires are particularly common in our daily lives. A large number of scrap wires are generated every year. Because the scrap wires contain copper wires, there are usually dedicated people to recycle the scrap wires, and the copper inside is recycled. use.

Recycling method of copper in waste wires: We usually use physical crushing and then sorting. This method, on the one hand, has high sales efficiency, and because it is equipped with dust removal equipment, it will not pollute the environment. Compared with the traditional fire method, the method of manually stripping the wire and so on, the advantages are very obvious.

Scrap wires
Scrap wires

The specific process is as follows:

1. After the cable recycling machine is installed and debugged, during normal production and operation, the equipment needs to be transported by air for 2-3 minutes, and it can be put into operation after everything is normal.

2. Feed the waste wires into the crushing host, crush the materials for the next step of sorting.

3. After the crusher crushes the raw materials, the crushed raw materials flow into the conveyor from the lower outlet.

4. The conveyor brings the raw materials into the vibrating screen, and the vibrating screen starts to classify the raw materials. The upper layer of the first screen is made of plastic leather particles.

5. The upper layer of the two-layer sieve contains a small amount of plastic particles and a small amount of copper wires that are not sieved, and the bottom layer of the two-layer sieve contains finished particles. The plastic particles in the upper layer of the first sieve are finally returned to the main machine, and the raw materials of the upper layer of the second sieve enter the secondary crusher for secondary crushing, and the crushed raw materials are sent to the electrostatic separator through the main machine for separation.

6. The electrostatic separator completely separates copper and plastic. There is a dust suction port above the vibrating screen. Its function is to suck the impurities and dust in the raw material into the unloader through the fan, and then send it to the pulse dust removal device for dust removal.


Operation precautions:

1. Site: The copper meter machine should be installed on a flat ground. If the ground is not flat, it will cause the equipment to vibrate.

2. Check whether there is any problem with the various parts of the equipment, open the upper shell of the crusher, and turn the cutter shaft of the crusher by hand to see if the rotation is smooth and whether it is scratched to the bottom screen.

3. Connect the power to the power distribution cabinet, and then check the equipment thoroughly for any problems, such as loose bolts.

4. After turning on the power, turn on and off the power switches of each device one by one to observe whether there is a problem with the direction of the wire.

5. Inspect the equipment, inspect the supplier of wire crushing equipment based on the above conditions, and determine the work plan and equipment equipment.

6. Before the first production, we recommend that the equipment run for half an hour without load. In this way, you can observe whether there is a problem with the operation of the equipment and facilitate adjustment.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The copper obtained from the recycling of waste wires can generally be sold directly. Copper is a non-renewable resource and has a relatively large use value. cable recycling machine is undoubtedly one of the effective ways to recycle waste wires, if you have related needs, please feel free to contact us.


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