What are the main equipment components of the waste tire recycling production line?

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The waste tire recycling production line is composed of various types of heavy equipment. Its function is to automatically separate rubber, steel wire and fiber materials in car tires, truck tires and OTR tires. According to the needs of customers, the rubber materials can be cut into pellets and pulverized. This series of production lines run at room temperature without any chemical additives and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. The output of different types of production lines ranges from 3000 kg/h to 6000 kg/h.

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

The "modular automatic waste tire decomposition system at room temperature" adopts the normal temperature crushing method to recycle waste tires and carry out resource recycling and secondary applications. It can realize tire crushing, steel wire separation, fiber separation, and tire powder making at one time without any chemical additives. It can produce fine rubber powder of 0.42-0.12mm at room temperature, which can effectively dispose of used tires while coexisting resource recycling and environmental protection. Compared with the traditional pulverization method, the "Model Fully Automatic Scrap Tire Decomposition System at Room Temperature" of British Empaiter has good energy-saving effects and is at the domestic and international advanced level. It is useful for eliminating large-scale domestic use and serious environmental protection and safety hazards. "Small Three Pieces" is of great significance.

The waste tire recycling production line includes the following main equipment

• Wire drawing machine-draws out the thick steel wire from the tire

• Feeding conveyor belt-transport tires to the coarse crusher

• Double shaft crusher-shred tires

• Conveyor belt-to transport tire fragments

• Steel wire separator-crush the tire fragments to 15-20mm particles to separate the rubber from the steel wire

• Magnetic separator-separate steel wire in rubber

• Conveyor belt-convey rubber granules

• Crusher-further crush the rubber particles to 1-4mm to separate the rubber from the fiber,

Remove some fibers

• Vibrating screen-sorts rubber particles according to particle size and removes some fibers

• Fiber separation system-separation of remaining fibers

• Magnetic sorting machine-remove the small steel wires that may be left in the place

• Bagging system

• Central dust collector-collect dust and fibers generated by the production line

• Control electric box

The above is the relevant introduction to the waste tire recycling production line. If waste tires can be recycled and used reasonably, it can completely turn waste into treasure. At the same time, if you have related questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.


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