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Scrap aluminum shredder, also known as aluminum alloy shredder, casting aluminum shredder, the equipment generates shearing force through the opposite rolling knife shaft, and a large amount of scrap aluminum material is strongly sheared and shredded to a certain size of aluminum flakes. And the aluminum is completely separated by the eddy current separator, which is suitable for waste aluminum such as aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, aluminum-plastic panels, broken bridge aluminum, aluminum alloys, aluminum cans, aluminum plate scraps, aluminum castings, aluminum pipes, and scrap aluminum. Wire, aluminum mold, stamping aluminum sheet, aluminum scrap, mechanical raw aluminum, aluminum foil, aluminum wire, PS plate, aluminum scrap, scrap raw aluminum, scrap cooked aluminum, aluminum slag, aluminum ash, scrap aluminum, scrap aluminum alloy, scrap mold Various aluminum-containing materials such as aluminum and waste aluminum wire are crushed into a separated state, and the aluminum is sorted by the corresponding sorting equipment. The sorting rate can reach 96-99%, which is suitable for the crushing and separation of various aluminum-containing materials. Filter jobs.

Scrap Metal Crushing Machine

Scrap aluminum shredder (aluminum alloy shredder) is equipped with eddy current separator, screening machine and magnetic separator, which can effectively separate aluminum, iron and paint, and shred, magnetically separate, screen, Cleaning treatment, removing metal impurities and waste non-metal impurities, realizing the separation and recycling of waste aluminum products, the sorting rate can reach 96-99%, and the maximum amount of pure aluminum can be obtained for the next step of smelting and recycling. This waste aluminum shredder effectively provides The recycling efficiency of scrap aluminum reduces the transportation cost and storage cost of scrap aluminum.


1. The blade of the scrap aluminum shredder is made of cold work die steel, which has good strength, high toughness and high cutting performance. The insert has four cutting edges and can be rotated 90° after wear for continued use.

2. Hydraulic forced feeding, stable and adjustable speed, large and uniform propulsion.

3. Hardened gear reducer, high transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity and low noise.

4. Blade thickness: 20mm (can be customized according to customer needs)

5. The scrap aluminum shredder (aluminum alloy shredder) can be easily replaced after the cutter is damaged or worn.


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