How to crush and recycle the precious metals in waste circuit boards?

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With the acceleration of the update of electronic products, the number of discarded printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are the main component of electronic waste, is also increasing. On the waste PCB, there are nearly 20 kinds of non-ferrous metals and rare metals, which have high recycling value and economic value.

printed circuit boards (PCBs)

What equipment is needed for waste circuit board crushing and recycling? If you want to recover mixed metals and resins from circuit boards, you should use scientific and reasonable methods to ensure a higher recovery rate. At present, the most researched recycling methods can generally be divided into mechanical treatment, heat treatment, hydrometallurgy, biological treatment and supercritical methods.

Among them, mechanical treatment is the more commonly used method in the industry. Mechanical treatment is an effective method to pre-separate different components of waste circuit boards. The process is divided into three steps: dismantling, crushing and sorting.

Circuit Board Recycling Line

(1) Disassembly is mainly to remove the electronic components on the circuit board.

(2) Pulverization is to pulverize the circuit board substrate into granular or powder form, and the particle size varies according to the pulverization method.

(3) The main method of sorting is to use the differences in physical properties between substances, such as density, magnetism, electricity, surface properties, and optical properties.

In the electronic waste, although the recycling and processing of the circuit board is difficult, it has a fairly high economic value. The taste of metals in circuit boards is equivalent to dozens to hundreds of times that of ordinary minerals. The metal content is as high as 40%, most of which is copper. In addition, there are gold, tin, nickel, lead, silicon and other metals. Among them, there are many rare metals, and the content of rich ore metals in nature is usually only 3-5%. In addition, the non-metallic waste residues of used circuit boards can be used as construction materials. At the same time, the solder and plastics on waste circuit boards are also important resources that can be recycled.

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