How to separate aluminum and plastic from ACP aluminum-plastic sheet waste?

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What is the ACP aluminum-plastic plate? The aluminum-plastic plate contains less other alloys in aluminum, and contains a large amount of aluminum, which is easy to process, so it is relatively cheap. Aluminum alloys with other metals added are not easy to process and have much higher strength. And as a new type of decorative material, in just a few years, it has quickly been favored by people for its economy, variety of colors, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and noble quality. .

Aluminum composite panel scrap
Aluminum composite panel scrap

If the ACP aluminum-plastic sheet waste is separated and recycled? In real life, a lot of aluminum-plastic waste is often produced. If these aluminum-plastic waste are directly discarded, it will not only pollute the environment, but also be very wasteful. Under normal circumstances, we can use aluminum-plastic crushing, sorting and recycling equipment for effective recycling to obtain pure aluminum and plastic powder. Aluminum is a non-renewable resource, so it has a good economic utilization price.

Introduction of aluminum-plastic crushing, sorting and recycling equipment: environmentally-friendly aluminum-plastic separators, separation equipment, and separators can separate various types of conductive materials from non-conductive materials, and separate metals from non-metals. They are mainly used for waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB). ), various medicine boards, aluminum-plastic panels, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste skins, Wahaha bottle caps, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-platinum paper, metal beneficiation, etc. The separation effect is obvious. Since cities have to eliminate a large amount of waste every year, the use of aluminum-plastic separation equipment can turn these wastes into treasures without secondary pollution. The use of environmentally friendly and energy-saving separation methods makes the investment recovery effect significant.

The special crusher for aluminum-plastic crushing, sorting and recycling equipment crushes aluminum-plastic materials to a particle size of less than 1.5mm. Due to the large difference in softening value between the two materials, such mixed particles are very suitable for separation by high-voltage electrical separators, plus dust removal The device is dust-free and has high separation purity. The big advantage of this production line is that the separated aluminum pellets and plastic pellets can be sold directly in the market, which cannot be achieved by other methods.

Aluminum-plastic separator price: Regarding the price, firstly, it depends on the aluminum content and output of the customer's material. The other is the configuration requirements of the overall equipment. Generally, we will let the customer send the material for a test machine and make a configuration plan based on the discharge effect. And the price, the customer can also go to the factory for reference and check the effect of the test machine.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine


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