Scrap solar panel dismantling and recycling equipment

Time:2023-11-13 14:39:56 Author:Suny Group

With the continuous expansion of the application scope of photovoltaic power generation products, the number of discarded photovoltaic modules and solar panels is also increasing year by year, which makes the recycling of photovoltaic modules an important task. In order to achieve efficient recycling of photovoltaic cell modules, professional dismantling and recycling equipment has become crucial. This type of equipment uses advanced technology and mechanical means to effectively process and separate waste photovoltaic cell components. The following are some common waste photovoltaic cell module disassembly and recycling equipment:

Scrap solar panel dismantling and recycling equipment

1. Disassembly mechanical equipment: This type of equipment uses mechanical disassembly technology, using tools such as clamps and cutting tools to cut photovoltaic module slats into smaller parts to complete the preliminary disassembly work.

2. Sorting and separator: This type of equipment uses sensors to identify the physical and chemical properties of each part of the photovoltaic module, and uses technologies such as air flow and vibration sorting to achieve automatic sorting, and separates different materials in the module such as silicon wafers and copper wires. Separate from glass, etc.

3. Magnetic separator: Utilizes the response characteristics of different materials to magnetic fields to separate ferrous materials, such as iron and steel, in photovoltaic modules through strong magnetic fields.

4. Flotation machine: uses the different density characteristics of materials in water to separate. Water is used as the transmission medium, and concave plates and vibrations are used to classify materials according to density.

5. Thermal treatment devices: such as furnaces and gas-phase reduction furnaces, which use high temperatures to reduce complex material structures in photovoltaic modules, such as silicon wafers, into metal or gaseous products for final material recycling.

Scrap solar panel dismantling and recycling equipment

Scrap solar panel dismantling and recycling equipment

6. Separation and extraction equipment: such as electrolysis devices and centrifuges, etc., used to further finely separate each separated material to obtain a single material, which provides a basis for subsequent in-depth utilization of resources.

These specialized equipment efficiently dismantle and separate used photovoltaic cell components through automated and intelligent means, aiming to achieve advanced recycling of various valuable components and lay a solid foundation for the development of photovoltaic circular economy. The application of these equipment has greatly improved the recycling efficiency of waste photovoltaic cell components, reduced the reliance on manual operations, reduced processing costs, and effectively promoted the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry.

With the continuous innovation of technology and the widespread promotion of applications, it can be expected that waste photovoltaic cell module dismantling and recycling equipment will further develop. As a professional solar panel recycling equipment manufacturer, Suny Group has never stopped researching and developing solar panel recycling. The current relevant equipment can meet the recycling needs of most customers for waste photovoltaic cell components. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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