What is the difference between a shredder and a shredder?

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Shredders and shredders are generally used for the shredding and recycling of waste materials. What is the difference between the two? The manufacturer will give you a detailed answer.

1. Device naming

In addition to the same application fields, the two types of equipment are named after the material, which is the common point of the two, such as color steel tile shredder and color steel tile shredder, scrap iron shredder and waste shredder, broken Bridge Aluminum Shredder and Broken Bridge Aluminum Shredder.....

2.The role of the object

The two types of equipment are both used in the waste recycling and processing industry, but the range of materials processed is different. The shredder can also shred wood, plastic, waste paper, furniture, machine head materials, etc., while the shredder can only process waste Metal. This is the difference between the two on broken objects.

Double Shredder Machine
Double Shredder Machine

3. Equipment structure

The difference in equipment structure also means that the working principle of the shredder and the crusher is different. The force of the shredder comes from the blade, while the force of the shredder comes from the hammer.

4. the finished products are different

The finished product processed by the shredder is in the form of flakes or blocks, and the finished product processed by the shredder is in the shape of a ball.

If there is no requirement for finished products, we generally recommend shredder equipment. Why? Look at the advantages of shredders.

1. High efficiency: the production efficiency of the shredder is between 400 kg and 20 tons. There are various types of machines, excellent performance, and high shredding production efficiency.

2. Long service life: The equipment is made of high-wear-resistant steel, and the wearing parts are not easy to be worn by the material, and are more durable, which can prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce investment costs.


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