How to deal with waste tires without polluting the environment?

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The waste tire shredding production line and the tire shredder are a series of products of the waste tire recycling equipment line. We maintain the core of more advanced exploration and research and development in the recycling of waste tires, and regard the value and quality indicators of the waste tire shredding production line as the Base.

Our waste tire crushing production line is suitable for recycling waste automobile tires, steel wire tires, nylon fiber tires, large and small tires, engineering tires and other tires and rubber products.

For equipment selection, there are two types of waste tire crushing production:

2.1 The value of using the waste tire crushing production line to make 1-6mm rubber particles is reflected in the steel wire particles. Now the production capacity of the waste tire crushing particle production line is between 200kg/h-2000kg/h.

2.2 The value of 10-40 mesh or 40-100 mesh rubber powder in the waste tire crushing production line is on steel wire and rubber powder. The finished products of different mesh numbers of waste rubber tire rubber powder can be used in different industries, such as between 20-30 mesh. It is suitable for modified asphalt, and 30-40 mesh rubber powder can be used as a doping raw material for high-speed runways.

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

Crushing waste tires to make pellets and making rubber powder are two completely different waste tire crushing production lines. Therefore, when investing, choose the right direction and demand. Of course, in our company, both sets of equipment lines have prototypes and can provide testing services. .

1. It is divided into overall environmental protection dust removal facilities. When making particles, it is physically broken and multi-stage sheared to process particles of different sizes. Therefore, fiber separators, dust collectors, dust collectors, analyzers and other facilities are equipped.

2. One is the dust removal and fiber collection facilities configured by the tire environmental protection treatment itself. In the process of tire rubber powder, due to the low temperature and multi-stage sieving and grinding, the speed is not high. This set of waste tire crushing production line is equipped with a cold water tower, dust removal facilities, and odor collection equipment.

For the renewable resources of waste tires, there is such an environmentally friendly equipment, which uses the method of shearing or grinding to make an automatic recycling equipment for the reuse of waste tires. This is a symbiotic relationship. For the particles, rubber powder or steel wire processed from waste tires, there are downstream enterprises, and they are also a kind of raw material for the application of downstream enterprises. For tire recycling equipment, it is an industry-wide cycle and regeneration. The combination of resource industry technology.


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