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Car tire crusher

Time:2020-07-27 14:04 Author:Suny Group

Automobile tire crusher is mainly suitable for grinding tires, wire tires, steel wire tires (radial tires) and various waste rubber products or scraps to make them into rubber powder and achieve the required fineness (mesh). The waste tire processing equipment is also called the waste tire rubber powder production line. Equipment composition: tire ring cutting machine, tire crusher, rubber middle crusher, magnetic separator, rubber fine crusher, fiber separator, powder mill, packaging machine.

Double Shredder Machine
Double Shredder Machine

Structure principle

A complete set of automobile tire crusher production line processes waste tires and waste miscellaneous rubber at room temperature. The equipment is equipped with a wind-water cooling system, a micro-dust removal device, and an atomizing spray system. In addition, it can also add independent dust removal and fiber removal according to the user's special raw materials. equipment.

Abrasive type tire crusher is the best choice for small investors today. It has the characteristics of small investment, low cost, large profit, simple operation, time-saving, energy-saving and environmental protection! The head of the abrasive is equipped with a water tank, which uses a small amount of circulation. Water for cooling treatment.

The tire shredder includes 3 sets of decomposition equipment: strip cutting machine, ring cutting machine, and block cutting machine;

5 sets of grinding equipment: crusher, magnetic separator and conveyor, mill, vibrating screen, feeder;

It is composed of 1 magnetic separation machine for steel wire and rubber powder.

Process flow

Waste tires → ring cutter → strip cutter → block cutter → crusher → primary magnetic separator → grinder → screening machine → feeder → grinder → semi-finished products → magnetic separation again → inspection → storage

Application field

l. Sports venue laying: runway, school sports field, swimming pool and garden trails, bowling alley, sidewalk, kindergarten sports field and entertainment field, tennis and basketball court.

2. Automobile industry: strips, train floor mats, brake disc ribbons, floors of cars and trucks, brake bushings, sealing strips, buffers, shock absorbers, automobile body bottom seals and stainless steel materials, splash and mud , Shipping daily raw materials, tires and tire inner pads.

3. Construction/Equipment: Adhesives/sealants, hospitals, companies, bathroom floors, insulating rubber materials, carpet pads, livestock straw mats, extrusion products, waste brake surfaces, mold products, coatings, dams, warehouses, ponds, Waste treatment stations, brick roof liners and coverings, raised patterned floors, house signs, sheets, waterproof materials, shockproof, gaskets, roof and wall waterproof materials.

4. Geotechnical/asphalt applications: drainage pipes, rubberized asphalt used for road and driveway paving, filters, soil conditioning/road coverage, porous flushing pipes, racetracks, railway crossings, traffic/sidewalk obstacles, Railway crack joint sealant road construction and maintenance

Daily raw materials

1. Production of recycled rubber: used to produce various rubber products.

2. Other applications: making coatings, paints and adhesives; producing activated carbon.

Fineness application

8-20 mesh: Mainly used in runways, road cushions, underlays, lawns, paving elastic layers, sports ground paving, etc.;

30~40 mesh: Mainly used in the production of reclaimed rubber, modified rubber powder, road paving, rubber sheet production, etc.;

40~60 mesh: called fine rubber powder, used in rubber filling, plastic modification, etc.;

60~80 mesh: called fine rubber powder, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, building materials, etc.;

80-200 mesh: called fine rubber powder, mainly used in rubber products and military products.




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