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Operation manual of elastic ear belt machine- Personal safety precautions

Time:2020-09-01 11:00 Author:Suny Group

1.1 Electrical

The voltage used by the equipment is 220V AC voltage. In the process of use, special attention should be paid to the safe use of electricity and to ensure the safe access of the power supply. Otherwise, it will cause harm to human body. At the same time, there is a DC voltage of nearly 700V at the connection of the ultrasonic vibrator,which will cause high temperature burns to the human body, so it must be used safely. When the equipment is in operation, pay special attention to the following safe operation points:

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1) Regularly check whether the wiring terminals are in good contact.

2) If any damaged electronic component is found, isolate the component or stop using the machine before repairing or replacing the component

3) When the machine is electrified, it is forbidden to touch two or more devices at the same time (Note: the human body itself belongs to the conductor, and when you touch the electrified machine, your state is just like the wire connecting two electrical appliances, and the current will continuously pass through the wire. When the current passes through the human body, it will damage the function of human nerves and muscles, thus leading to electric shock.)

4) Check whether the ventilation system of the electric box is in good condition, and do a good job in waterproof and moisture-proof work.

5) Only qualified electrical technicians or electrical engineers of the manufacturer are allowed to carry out electrical maintenance.

1.2 Machinery

1) Please do not place tools, screws, parts, etc. on the operation panel and touch screen to avoid scratching the touch screen and causing the touch screen failure.

2) Before starting the machine, make sure that all parts and components can operate normally, and there are no problems such as necrosis or failure of parts, so as to prevent damage to equipment operation.

3) The movement and movement of mechanical parts of the equipment must be loosened and slid according to the specification. All locking screws shall not be locked too hard to avoid screw sliding and deformation of vulnerable parts. It is forbidden to knock the sliding parts of parts with blunt objects to avoid damage to parts.

1.3. Start and stop

Check whether the general power supply of the system is turned on normally before starting the machine, and then turn off the general power supply of the system after shutdown. Other operations must follow the start-up and shutdown procedures to ensure the safety of the staff.

1.4 Ultrasonic systemultrasonic welding machine is the core component of mask machine, and it is also a very fragile part. In the process of equipment operation, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to the problem of ultrasonic output current and heat dissipation. Before start-up production, please pay attention to test the ultrasonic power and whether the wave is normal. During the startup operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the ultrasonic wave power can meet the welding requirements. If the startup speed is too fast to achieve the welding effect, the output power of the ultrasonic wave should be increased.

1.5 Safety Checklist

1) . post all emergency calls, managers' phones and emergency treatment measures at obvious positions.

2) Ensure that all operators are familiar with the safety issues related to the equipment.

3) be familiar with the position of all power supply and mechanism closing switch and the use method of emergency switch.

4) ensure that the channel around the equipment is smooth and sufficient lighting.

5) Keep the equipment clean.

6) make sure that the parts of the equipment are lubricated regularly, and it is forbidden to lock the locking parts excessively.

7) keep the equipment electrical box dry and ventilated, and do a good job in waterproof and moisture-proof treatment




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