Circuit board crushing, sorting and recycling production line

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The waste circuit board crushing and recycling production line is mainly used to separate metals and non-metals in materials such as waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards, and leftover materials. The successful development of this machine not only improves the quality of recovered copper, but also prevents secondary pollution. This production line adopts secondary pulverization for the recycling and processing of waste circuit boards to make it into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; and then separates the metal from the resin by wind and electrostatic separation. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a pulse dust removal device is added after the air flow sorting process, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

After the circuit board raw materials are processed by the equipment, the metal powder, resin powder, and fiber powder are separated. Generally, more than 85% of the metal powder is copper, and the rest is rare elements such as gold, silver, tin, and palladium. The market price is very high. Generally speaking, resin powder can be used in wood plastic industry, three plywood, five plywood or filler. Fibrous materials are more used for thermal insulation materials. Their market prospects are very broad, and the comprehensive utilization of waste will benefit the country and the people.

Features of circuit board recycling equipment:

1. The price of circuit board recycling equipment is only 1/5-1/3 of similar equipment at home and abroad, and the copper recycling rate is 3%-5% higher than that of similar manufacturers.

2. Good overall performance, with unique effects on computer boards, computer boards, TV boards and other circuit control boards. It also has compatibility for the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitors.

3. The circuit board recycling equipment production line is an upgraded product of the wind selection product. It consumes less power than the wind selection, and has no noise, less labor, higher automation procedures, improved efficiency, and a smaller footprint. It is a waste circuit board. The current ideal production line for recycling and recycling of used circuit boards.

4. Less labor, no pollution, no noise, and flexibility in the placement of circuit board recycling equipment.


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