Scrap cable wire recylcing machine application range

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Waste wire recycling equipment is mainly used for the recycling and separation of various waste copper wires, communication cables, aluminum wires, electronic and electrical waste wires, automobile and motorcycle waste wires, copper-plastic composites and other wastes. The process is separated and recycled through a series of processes such as feeding, crushing, storage, feeding, decomposition, accumulator, vibrating screen, feeding machine, specific gravity separation, electric separation, etc. The purity of the plastic reaches more than 99.7%, and the recovery of copper The rate can also reach about 99.8%. This process is physical dry separation, without any chemical raw materials and water, and no environmental pollution.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Waste and miscellaneous wire recycling equipment is copper rice machine, waste wire and cable recycling equipment, also called copper-plastic wire separator, aluminum-plastic wire separator or wire separator. Because the separated copper is like rice grains, it is beautifully called "copper rice machine". Our company produces environmentally-friendly copper rice machines, environmentally-friendly waste and miscellaneous wire recycling equipment, and processes waste miscellaneous wires, scrap copper-plastic wires, fine wool, copper-plastic composite wires, aluminum-plastic wires, and sheathed wires through coarse crushing, fine crushing, Specific gravity separation, electrostatic separation process, dry physical separation, the whole process avoids the environmentally unfavorable recycling methods of "burning copper" and "washing copper with water powder", and realizes dual recycling and comprehensive utilization of plastics and metals. Equipped with an electrostatic separator, basically no copper in the plastic and no plastic in the copper.


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