Waste wire and cable stripping machine

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The automatic wire stripping machine can separate the metal wire and the plastic shell into two separate entities. There are many types of cables, including thick, thin, wide, and flat. For such a variety of cables, there will naturally be many models of automatic stripping machines. Its scope of application is also very wide, and it is widely used in industry and machinery industries. Next, let's talk about the processing efficiency of the fully automatic wire stripping machine blade. Development direction We have to say that today's automatic wire stripping machine has been widely used in various industries, but it has not stopped.

New Fashion Low Price Automatic Electric Wire Stripper Manufacturer In China

Just now, a customer said that the fine-tuning limit is limited and the thread cannot be suppressed. In this case, it may be that the thread is not suitable for peeling using the machine of this model, or the pulley is severely worn, or a larger pulley needs to be replaced. The above content is based on the DW-880 wire and cable stripping machine. For a large square stripping machine like 9850, it is controlled by a servo motor. The gap between the upper and lower wheels can be adjusted on the control panel. This kind of belt feeding, such as If the pressure is not tight, you can contact us directly.


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