Instructions for using one-to-one mask machine

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The fully automatic one-to-one mask machine is composed of a mask body machine and an ear band welding machine. In the design, an automatic transmission belt and a connecting machine are specially added to realize automatic operation and help enterprises reduce production costs and improve Productivity.

This equipment is suitable for the production of disposable flat masks. By changing the production mold, a variety of different styles and sizes of masks can be produced.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

Manual for automatic one-to-one mask machine

1. Start-up preparation: Turn on the power of the main machine, control box, and ear strap welding machine.

2. Turn on the compressed air switch and set the corresponding parameters of the equipment according to the needs of production.

3. Add raw materials, remove the outer packaging of the raw materials, make sure that the quality of the raw materials is no problem, install the materials to the corresponding reel position, and do a good job of fixing.

4. Turn on the power of the ultrasonic system to determine whether the ultrasonic system is normal.

5. Check whether there are abnormal noises and foreign objects on the chain, and whether the fan is working normally.

6. Turn on the automatic operation switch on the control panel of the equipment, and the mask machine starts to run. After the raw materials pass through the main machine part, they are welded and formed, and then transferred to the body distributor. After several processes, they enter the earband welding machine. Part of the earband welding is carried out and output after passing through the discharging device.

7. When the production is over, you need to press the switch of the fully automatic one-to-one mask machine to stop the equipment.

8. Turn off the power supply and compressed air switch, and sort out the debris left during the operation of the equipment.


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