Waste aluminum-plastic plate waste recycling equipment

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The environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic composite panel recycling equipment is dedicated to the decomposition and recycling of aluminum-plastic composite panel waste, aluminum-plastic decorative panel waste, aluminum-plastic edge material produced during the production of aluminum-plastic panel, and a large number of aluminum-plastic composite panel waste eliminated in the society. A technological process for aluminum and plastic. The equipment has high degree of automation, easy operation, high stability and labor saving.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

The aluminum-plastic composite panel decomposition, separation and recycling equipment is an environmentally-friendly production process in which the aluminum-plastic composite panel is coarsely crushed and iron is removed, and then it enters the fine crusher to be decomposed into a mixture of aluminum and plastic, and then enters the high-voltage electrostatic separator to separate aluminum and plastic into an environmentally friendly production process. There is no need to burn or wash with water, so there is no waste smoke and wastewater pollution problem. The whole process has no dust pollution, completely dry physical and mechanical decomposition and separation, and the metal recovery rate can reach more than 99%. Double recycling of aluminum and plastic. Aluminum can be processed to produce firework powder, chemical aluminum ingots, etc. Plastics can be used as fillers or extruded pellets to make other plastic products.

Aluminum-plastic composite materials include aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic pharmaceutical panels, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-plastic cable sheaths, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, aluminum-plastic lathe shavings, aluminum-plastic final materials and other hard and soft aluminum-plastic composites, aluminum-plastic Complex. Different from aluminum-plastic composite materials, the use of special separation equipment and separation process will bring you better economic benefits.

Aluminum-plastic panels (submerged plastics), aluminum-plastic medicinal plates, aluminum-plastic powder, and aluminum-plastic lathe shavings can adopt a separation process of crushing and static electricity to achieve the decomposition and separation of aluminum and plastic. Due to the high degree of automation of the whole process, it saves time and labor. The whole process mainly uses electricity, no chemical solution or heating, and has no impact on the environment. After the sorted plastics are purified, the quality and color will not change. The plastics are fine particles and can be directly processed into plastic products. The loss of aluminum is very low. More than 99.9% of the aluminum is extracted, and the activity of the aluminum is not affected. The aluminum particles can be directly processed into industrial aluminum powder such as aerated aluminum powder paste and aluminum powder for fireworks.


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