Internal structure of scrap metal shredder equipment

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First of all, starting from the reduction motor of the metal shredding equipment, the reduction motor is directly installed on the drive shaft of the shredder, and is transmitted to the driven shaft through the speed change of the large and small gears, so that the helical gear cutters on the main and driven shafts are opposed to each other. sports.

Double Shredder Machine

The spiral tooth discs on the driven shaft are arranged staggered, so that the material is squeezed, torn and sheared when it enters, and the material is broken. Since most of the broken metal materials are brittle and hard, wear-resistant hard materials are required for the inside of the chip crusher, pinion gear and wire mesh.

The flywheel is installed on the main shaft. When the iron filings are damaged, the main shaft has a larger torque. In addition, the main shaft is driven by a hydraulic coupling to eliminate the excessive peak current of the motor and absorb the vibration of the main shaft. When using a shearing machine to break the fragments of hi.

Wear-resistant materials (such as bearing iron filings), the surface of the rotor should also be welded to improve its wear resistance.


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