How does the circuit board recycling equipment realize the metal recycling of waste circuit boards

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The purpose of recycling and processing waste circuit boards is to separate the metals and non-metals contained in them, so that the renewable resources can be fully utilized; it is not enough to break the circuit boards to separate the metals and non-metals. The important thing is that it is the key technology that can separate the metal and non-metal powders through scientific and reasonable technological methods; the usual traditional process is to first smash the mixed powders of different particle sizes through sieving into approximately equal particle sizes. , And then according to the different proportions of materials, the principle and method of gravity air separation are used to separate different types of materials; although this process method can be used in the recycling and processing of waste circuit boards, due to the complexity of the process and high energy consumption , Low efficiency, large equipment investment, therefore, from an economic point of view, it has certain limitations.

In order to overcome the complexity of the above-mentioned traditional classification and separation process, Lujie Environmental Protection modified the internal structure of the grinder based on the advantages of the traditional process, and combined the two processes of crushing and winnowing separation in one equipment to complete In this way, not only the production and treatment procedures are simplified, the equipment investment is reduced, and the production cost is reduced, but also the process technical indicators in all aspects have been significantly improved and improved, forming our own unique process treatment method.

The entire circuit board recycling equipment processing production line has been systematically optimized. The process is to first crush the waste printed electronic circuit boards to a powder particle size that can peel off the metal, and then use physical methods to remove the metal and non-metal in the circuit board. The metal powder is separated, and the metal powder can be further processed or sold directly to customers according to different needs; non-metal powder can be directly used as plastic filling modification material and active powder material after special processing The value of use.


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