Performance characteristics of baby wipes making machine

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1. Range of use: 30-80 pieces/pack of baby wipes, industrial wipes, kitchen wipes, household wipes, etc.

2. Equipment production requirements: the equipment can process various spunlace non-woven fabrics; hot-air cloth; hot-rolled cloth; needle punched cloth and other products

3. The working principle of the equipment: automatic feeding → automatic slitting → automatic folding → automatic liquid addition → automatic cutting → automatic stacking → automatic counting → automatic product output, and the entire line is automatically completed.

4. The equipment is equipped with two sets of 1.2-meter online slitting devices, the slitting knife can automatically lift up and left to move freely to adjust the product slitting width, and is equipped with pneumatic automatic feeding, air expansion shaft unwinding, and pneumatic wide belt synchronous conveying device.

5. The equipment is equipped with a complete set of folding devices, which can be folded in N and V shapes, and equipped with multiple adjustment devices to ensure that the product size is accurate and does not rise.

6. The entire conveying system of the equipment adopts imported conveyor belts, which is firm, durable, and pollution-free; it is equipped with a complete set of automatic liquid adding system including stainless steel mixing tank with disinfectant.

7. The equipment adopts imported PLC program programming control system, computer touch screen display, frequency conversion, and joint control.

8. The wiring specifications of electrical parts are reasonable, beautiful, elegant, and easy to operate.

9. The steel frame of the whole machine is welded with national standard high-quality 45# channel steel, and the surface is treated with anti-rust spray paint. All electrical appliances are made of Chint electric appliances. Standard parts such as screws and nuts are all made of national standard consumables, which may easily affect the finished product. The screws are made of stainless steel, the whole machine is compact in structure, stable in high-speed operation, stable in performance, simple in operation, beautiful in appearance, and stable in operation. It is the best choice for the production of non-woven wet wipes!

10. Interlocking folding can be customized according to customer requirements, as well as an integrated machine connected to the packaging machine.


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