Detailed introduction of caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine

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Due to the impact of the epidemic, the global demand for disinfectant wipes has increased. Our company now produces fully automatic barreled wipes that play a significant role in the manufacture of wet wipes.

Bucket wet wipe machine-bottle unscrambler features:

1. It can hold a large number of cans at one time and automatically arrange them on the conveyor belt of the packaging line, saving labor costs, improving the automation of the production line, and improving production efficiency.

2. Simple structure, easy to operate and use.

3. It can be used for the front and back ends of the packaging line according to customer needs.

Caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine-liquid filling machine features:

1. Unique design, reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, simple maintenance and convenient cleaning;

2. Human-machine interface touch-sensitive intelligent operation panel, each function display, simple, clear and easy to operate;

3. The quality of the secondary sealing and sealing;

4. Servo quantitative filling, filling quantity, filling without dripping;

5. The finished product is automatically output in a row;

6. Fully automated operation, which can be connected to other peripheral equipment for operation;

Caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine-sealing machine features:

Equipped with LCD screen display and counting function, the operation is simpler, the counting is more accurate, and the upgrade and maintenance are more convenient.

It is done at one time and is suitable for filling a variety of objects. The special blender can mix the sauce, and the packaging is more uniform and smoother, and it is not easy to form a blockage.

Caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine

Caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine-aluminum film sealing machine features:

The machine is mainly composed of a frame, a film supply device, a film collection device, a heat sealing and cutting head, an automatic bottle positioning device, an electric and gas control box and a conveying system. It has the functions of automatic bottle feeding and discharging (adopting high-precision gear divider to drive the astrolabe), automatic constant temperature, automatic film supply, cutting and film collection;

The body is mainly made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, beautiful in appearance, clean and hygienic, and meets food hygiene requirements;

The machine integrates light, electricity and gas, and is controlled by PLC. It has a high degree of automation, simple operation and convenient maintenance, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity and labor cost of workers and improve labor efficiency;

The electrical components of this machine mainly adopt world-renowned brands, with stable and reliable performance, safety and durability;

The heat-sealing temperature and heat-sealing time can be set according to the production needs, which can reliably guarantee the sealing quality;

The working process is first sealing and then screwing, the sealing effect is intuitive and reliable; the sealing film adopts composite roll film, which is low in price, can greatly reduce the production cost, and the sealing effect is firm and beautiful.

It is widely used in the heat sealing of various plastic, composite paper and other jar containers in the food and beverage industries. It has the functions of moisture-proof, leak-proof, prolonged product shelf life, and anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting. The machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, with scientific and reasonable design, stable and reliable operation.

It has the characteristics of simple and compact structure, beautiful appearance, beautiful and firm sealing, high working efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The whole machine is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy and high-quality stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, easy to clean and maintain, and meets food hygiene requirements.

Caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine-Automatic cap rubbing machine for upper and lower lids:

The automatic capping and capping automatic capping machine is controlled by PLC and electronic optical fiber sensor, automatic filling-automatic cap sorting-automatic cap screwing. Filling with bottle. Filling without bottle. It is equipped with a counting function. Record the production from the day to the month.

The equipment can be used in line with the labeling machine. The machine adopts a submerged filling mechanism, and the filling head automatically extends into the bottle during filling and rises slowly, so that the liquid does not overflow, no bubbles, and after filling-bottle cap Automatically arrange the messy and irregular bottle caps, and automatically hang them on the bottle mouth in an orderly manner, and then the capping head automatically seals the caps-entering the next process. The equipment is suitable for liquid filling. The surface of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel Made of materials, easy to clean, no dead ends, fully in line with national GMP standards.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of caniter Wet Wipes Making Machine. SUNY GROUP is a professional wet tissue machine manufacturer with rich experience and high-quality after-sales service. If you need it, please feel free to consult.


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