E waste recycling plant cost

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Statistics show that about 50 to 60 billion euros worth of products in the purchase of electronic products by consumers around the world each year will be turned into waste products. How to effectively dispose of these rubbish, and best to generate some value from recycling, is one of the important topics facing scientific researchers in the world.

Circuit Board Recycling Line

Recycling e-waste is to separate materials, molecules or chemical elements and sell them as raw materials to factories to make new products. This requires several steps to achieve, and the product must be disassembled, sorted, and crushed before starting the process of material separation.

What equipment are needed for electronic waste recycling? Generally speaking, waste circuit board recycling production lines can be used to achieve this. The equipment includes: circuit board disassembly equipment, crushers, pulverizers, grinder sorters, dust removal equipment and precious metal extraction equipment , Dispose of electronic waste (circuit boards) to obtain corresponding precious metals.

E waste recycling plant cost? Because different types of electronic waste have different recycling methods and the output required by customers, the prices of electronic waste recycling equipment with different configurations are also different in different situations.

If you have a large amount of e-waste or intend to engage in the business of e-waste recycling, please feel free to contact us. We can set a suitable e-waste recycling program according to your needs.


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