What is the price of the metal shredder?

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Metal shredder description introduction: The metal shredder is mainly composed of shredding blade set, carrying box, box bracket, feeding system, power system, and electrical control system. It is mainly used for shredding light and thin metals with certain strength to increase their bulk density for transportation and recycling. Shredded objects such as metal barrels, refrigerators, automobiles, scrap steel, steel furniture, etc.

According to the number of shafts, it can be divided into: double shaft shredder, three shaft shredder, and four shaft shredder.

Double Shredder Machine

Working principle: The material enters the inside of the shredding box through the feeding system, and the shredding blade is carried on the box. The material is shredded into small pieces by the comprehensive action of the shredding blade torn, squeezed, and sheared. The lower part of the body is discharged.


When choosing a machine, determine the largest material size you can crush

Material of the material

Material size required after crushing

Production requirements

If possible, it is best to prepare certain materials for testing, and it is advisable that the equipment does not reverse (reversal means that the power is too small)

Metal shredder price: different output, configuration, and material have different prices. Therefore, for customers, they should purchase the corresponding shredder according to the materials they need to process.


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