How much is a single-chip four-side sealing wet tissue machine?

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Introduction of single-chip four-side sealing wet wipes machine: Fully automatic adjustable wet tissue packaging machine is suitable for producing all kinds of four-side sealing wet wipes, makeup remover wipes, single-chip packaging personal care wipes, alcohol wipes, shoe wipes, and catering. Wet wipes, etc. One machine can produce a variety of wet wipes in different packaging sizes.

Single-piece four-side sealing wet wipes

The single-chip four-side sealing wet tissue machine is Hai Desheng Machinery adopts optoelectric-integrated design, PLC centralized control, mature equipment technology, stable performance, simple operation, beautiful packaging, continuous air pressure sealing firmly, to ensure the sealing of wet tissue products sex.

The structure of the single-chip four-side sealing wet tissue machine:

Raw material loading device, tensioning device, folding device, forming device, sealing device, liquid adding and wetting system, automatic counting device, coding device, easy port device, finished product packaging device.

Single 4 Side Wet Wipes Machine

Process flow:

Spunlace non-woven fabric unwinding-folding-cutting-adding liquid-sealing-coding-Yisikou-finished product cutting-finished product output, at the same time there are packaging film unwinding-bag making-pre-sealing.

Single-chip four-side sealing wet tissue machine price: The price of single-chip four-side sealing wet tissue machine is related to the configuration specifications of the equipment, output and other factors. When choosing a four-side sealing wet tissue machine, you should choose the right one according to your needs. The price is one In terms of factors, quality and after-sales guarantee are also very important. If you need it, please contact us directly, and we will send you detailed information and prices.


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