How to recycle electronic waste waste circuit boards?

Time:2022-05-16 15:43:16 Author:Suny Group

With the popularization and application of electronic products, more and more electronic wastes are also produced. After these electronic wastes are recycled scientifically and effectively, they not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also realize the reuse of resources and generate certain economic benefits. benefit. So how to recycle and reuse e-waste waste circuit boards?

The first is dismantling. We need to dismantle discarded electronic products first. For example, plastic or metal casings are sorted and collected for centralized recycling, and circuit boards are sorted into one piece for recycling. The waste shells disassembled here can be shredded by a shredder, and then recycled for the second time. Circuit boards, on the other hand, need to be recycled through specialized recycling equipment.


The waste circuit board needs to be disassembled by the circuit board disassembly machine first. The automatic circuit board disassembly machine is used to disassemble the electronic originals from the waste circuit board. Because different components contain different metals, some parts The original contains precious metals such as gold and silver, and some components contain toxic substances. Some components can be sorted and sold directly. The disassembled template is also easier to break and sort the copper, which also greatly reduces the breaking and sorting. The work of the section improves the reuse rate of precious metals.

The principle is to use electric heating or liquefied gas heating to open the internal temperature to 120 ° C, the tin will melt, and the electronic components will fall off the circuit board with the operation of the host. The machine has the advantages of automation, high processing efficiency, low operating cost, small footprint, simple operation, and no dust pollution. The treated substrate can recover copper and other metals through physical methods, and the electronic components can be recycled and recycled by environmental protection classification. This machine is an ideal circuit board electronic component disassembly equipment.


Board Recycling Line

After the circuit board is disassembled, the obtained motherboard can be recycled and reused by the circuit board crushing, sorting and recycling equipment. The screening and electrostatic sorting machine also includes an aggregate dust removal device, and the aggregate dust removal device includes an aggregate device, a pulse dust collector and an induced draft fan which are connected in sequence. Its principle: The circuit board is crushed and pulverized by a crusher and a pulverizer. After crushing, it is separated by an analyzer. The separated dust and fiber powder are attracted by the high-pressure induced draft fan set at the end, and then drained and transported to the collector and In the pulse dust collector, the accumulation of powder in the pipeline is avoided. The coarse mixture separated by the analyzer enters the air separation screen through the elevator, and the coarse material separated by the air separation screen re-enters the pulverizer for processing. The finer materials separated by the sorting screen enter the specific gravity sorting screen for separation. The heavier materials enter the electrostatic separator through the elevator to separate the metal and epoxy ester. The lighter materials are attracted by the high-pressure induced draft fan at the end. The fiber powder and dust are separated and recovered by the collector and the pulse dust collector. The whole system has a high degree of fineness for material recovery, more thorough treatment of circuit boards, and reduces the pollution of residues to the environment. The structure design is reasonable and practical. .

After the waste circuit boards are disassembled and recycled, precious metals and resin powders can be obtained that can be reused. If you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


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