Scrap metal shredding and pressed machine

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As global demand for metal products continues to grow, recycling scrap metal is becoming increasingly important for both economic and environmental reasons. Investing in efficient metal recycling equipment, such as shredders and presses, can help scrap yards maximize productivity and profits.

Metal shredders are designed to effectively break down various ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps into small and uniform pieces for easy processing. Main types include:

1. Hammer Mill - Uses a hammer mounted on a rotating shaft to crush metal into fist-sized pieces.

2. Shear Shredder - A powerful hydraulic press with rotating blades that cuts metal into strips.

3. Dual-shaft shredder - Dual parallel shafts are equipped with wear-resistant knives to shred metal into fine particles.

4. Four-shaft shredder - The four-shaft design provides ultra-fine shredding for the highest throughput.

Advanced crushers utilize hard steel cutters, rugged rotor designs and efficient hydraulic systems to tear apart scrap metal with tremendous force. The shredded metal pieces are screened and sorted according to size into bins.

Scrap metal shredding

Double Metal Shredder Machine

Advantages of metal shredder:

1. Crushing capacity up to 50 tons per hour.

2. Multi-purpose processing - processing cars, electrical appliances, rollers, cables, etc.

3. Strictly control particle size through grids and sieves.

4. Low maintenance cost due to heavy-duty structure.

5. The scrap density is higher compared to shearing or baling.

6. Reduce the risk of explosions of hazardous materials.

Shredded metal scrap can be further compressed into dense briquettes using a high-pressure briquetting machine. Briquetting improves handling, storage and transportation efficiency while increasing scrap value.

Briquetting machines use hydraulic cylinders or twin rollers to apply extreme pressure to metal particles, squeezing out air pockets and compressing the material into dense, brick-shaped briquettes. Depending on the metal type, the briquette ratio ranges from 5:1 to 20:1.

Metal briquette

Metal Briquetting Machine

The main advantages of metal briquettes:

1. Significantly reduce the amount of waste and save storage space.

2. Briquettes are easier and cheaper to transport.

3. Reduce material loss during handling.

4. Briquettes have high melting efficiency.

5. Achieve optimal furnace loading.

By investing in high-performance crushing and briquetting systems, scrap metal yards can achieve maximum recycling productivity and efficiency while capturing the full value of metal waste. SUNY GROUP has rich experience and technical equipment in scrap metal crushing and briquetting. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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