Solar photovoltaic panel dismantling crushing sorting and recycling solutions

Time:2023-03-22 16:45:38 Author:Suny Group

Solar energy is an important component of renewable energy. Solar panels use the photovoltaic effect of photovoltaic semiconductor materials to convert solar energy into DC power. In the past ten years, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly. However, the average service life of photovoltaic panels is about 20 years, and some photovoltaic panels that are about to reach the end of their service life are slowly losing their power generation capacity. service life, it needs to be dealt with.

From a circular economy perspective, discarded photovoltaic panels are a huge resource. This alternative e-waste contains a large amount of valuable raw materials, which can be effectively recycled and reused as long as they are properly disposed of. Like other electronic waste, the processing of photovoltaic panels requires separation and recovery of heavy metals (cadmium telluride, germanium, gallium, etc.), and then dismantling and recycling of materials such as glass, plastic, and aluminum.

Solar photovoltaic panel recycling production line

Solar photovoltaic panel recycling production line

Solar photovoltaic panel recycling process:

The solar photovoltaic panels that need to be recycled are sent to the centralized processing center. The processing center first disassembles and separates the aluminum components, which are usually concentrated in the frame of the photovoltaic panel.

The second step is to process the photovoltaic panels, the main purpose is to separate the glass, which can be separated from the panel by using a glass separator at high temperature.

The third part is crushing, which uses a twin-shaft shearing crusher to break the materials processed in the previous step into small pieces, and then conduct various screenings on these crushed materials based on physical and chemical properties to separate different materials .

In this way, different raw materials that can be reused can be obtained, environmental pollution and damage can be reduced, and economic profits can also be created.

It should be noted that solar photovoltaic panel recycling is currently an emerging industry, and related technologies are constantly changing and updating, and new technical solutions may be launched at a certain point in time.

Shredding first and then recycling is the golden rule for almost all industrial waste disposal including photovoltaic panels. SUNY GROUP specializes in the research and development of solid waste shredding and sorting technology and equipment production. The material shredding and recycling solutions we provide include various electronic waste, lithium batteries, paper and plastic separation, etc.

The crushing and recycling of solar photovoltaic panels is a relatively new field. We have developed a complete set of solar photovoltaic panel recycling production lines, and have established cooperative relations with customers in many countries and regions such as Europe, Asia, and so on. The rich experience comes from the cooperation with customers. Continuous feedback and product update iterations, if you are interested, please contact us to introduce the relevant situation to you.


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