Working principle of wet wipe packaging machine

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Wet wipe packaging machine, also known as wet wipe machine, is an automatic production and packaging equipment for packaging wet wipe products. This type of equipment is generally applicable to industries such as medicine, sanitary materials, and catering. Such as drug stickers, disinfection cotton towels, disinfection paper towels, sanitary paper towels, aromatherapy towels and other product packaging. This wet tissue packaging machine usually has the functions of vertical and horizontal automatic folding, cutting, bag making, dipping, cutting, printing and crafting. Four-sided shape, the workmanship is very beautiful. So, let's take a look at the working principle of the wet wipe packaging machine.

Wet wipe machine production line

Wet wipe machine production line

In the traditional packaging process of wet wipes, methods such as impregnation are usually used, and the impregnation liquid is greatly wasted, resulting in a large waste of production costs.

The purpose of the wet wipe packaging machine is to propose a wet wipe packaging machine with a simple structure and easy implementation by installing a spraying device on the solution tank and spraying the solution on the transferred folded towels, which greatly saves the solution and reduces production costs.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, in the wet tissue packaging machine equipped with a drive pump, a solution tank, a shower device and two drive pumps, folded towels are placed on a conveyor belt, and the above-mentioned conveyor device is used as a drive pump and installed in the solution tank. The two-drive pump connected to the spraying device including piping and nozzles, one opening of the piping is located in the solution tank, and the nozzle is located above the solution tank; the spraying device is driven by the two-drive pump, pumping the solution in the solution tank into the pipeline, and spraying the solution On folded towels delivered through the nozzle.

In addition, the number of discharge devices of the wet tissue packaging machine can be one or more, and in the case of multiple discharge devices, they can also be distributed in parallel in multiple rows in the solution tank. The conveyor belt of the conveying device of the wet tissue packaging machine is located above the solution tank and below the spray head of the spray device. It also includes a recovery device communicating with the solution tank to recover the solution sprayed from the spraying device into the solution tank.

According to the wet tissue packing machine of the utility model, a spraying device is arranged on the solution tank, and the wet tissue is manufactured by spraying the folded tissue transferred by the solution. Compared with the traditional dipping method, the coating method greatly saves the solution, reduces the production cost, and has a simple structure and is easy to realize.

Wet wipe packaging machine should be broadly understood, unless otherwise specified and limited. For example, the connection may be a fixed connection, a removable connection or an integral connection. Can be connected mechanically or electrically; can be connected directly or indirectly through an intermediate medium, and can be an internal communication of two elements. For those skilled in the art, the specific meanings of the above-mentioned terms in the present utility model can be understood according to the situation.

The above is the working principle of the wet wipe machine. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience, and we look forward to your consultation at any time, or come to the factory directly for inspection and cooperation.


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