New solutions for lithium battery recycling and processing equipment

Time:2023-11-20 16:52:18 Author:Suny Group

When talking about new energy vehicles, power batteries are regarded as a key component. With the popularity of new energy vehicles, power batteries are increasingly used as they provide reliable energy storage and supply for electric vehicles. However, since batteries have a limited service life, improper disposal will lead to serious environmental pollution and waste of valuable resources. Therefore, effective lithium battery recycling and processing equipment has become the key to solving this problem.

Lithium battery recycling and processing equipment is a highly intelligent equipment specially used for recycling and processing of retired power batteries. These devices can intelligently control the recycling process, improve recycling rates and sorting efficiency, and save energy consumption. By using advanced technologies and processes, they are able to process retired batteries efficiently, safely and environmentally, maximizing the use of valuable materials within them.

lithium battery recycling and processing equipment

lithium battery recycling and processing equipment

The recycling and processing methods of retired power batteries usually include the following key steps:

Discharge treatment: First, discharge the retired power battery to ensure that the electric energy in the battery is fully released and reduce safety risks.

Crushing and separation: Next, the discharged batteries are crushed to obtain mixed scraps. Through separation technologies such as magnetic separation and screening, the mixed scraps are separated into shells, separators, and positive and negative electrode materials.

Material processing: After the positive and negative electrode materials are depulverized and pulverized, black powder materials and copper and aluminum particles are separated through vibration filtration and screening. These materials contain valuable metals and chemicals.

Separation of copper and aluminum particles: Finally, the copper and aluminum particles are further separated using an air separation system with automatic wind speed adjustment. This system includes a control device, an air flow sorting device, a copper and aluminum particle detection device and a second air flow sorting device, which can efficiently separate copper powder particles and aluminum powder particles.

The lithium battery recycling and processing equipment developed and manufactured by SUNY GROUP provides a feasible and sustainable solution for processing retired batteries of new energy vehicles. By recycling and reusing valuable materials in power batteries, we can reduce the need for virgin resources, reduce environmental pollution, and extend the service life of battery materials. This not only helps promote the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry, but also makes a positive contribution to the realization of circular economy and sustainable utilization of resources.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the recycling process of lithium batteries is also updated and iterated. If you are interested in the latest lithium battery recycling solutions, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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