Waste tire shredder is environmentally friendly and pollution-free

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As the current policies become more and more stringent, more and more attention is paid to the recycling of waste materials, and the waste tires that have been regarded as black pollution in the past are gradually being favored by many people.

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

Waste tires have always been regarded as air pollutants in everyone's eyes due to their insoluble problems and high environmental pollution. With the continuous development of high-tech technology, waste tires can now be crushed, purchased and re-purchased according to the relevant recycling and treatment equipment. Utilize, sell waste tires into rubber powder or pellets, and then complete the purchase and reuse of waste tires.

The waste tire crusher equipment is mainly based on the whole process of stainless steel wire separation, tearing, crushing, grinding, granulation, and chemical fiber removal from waste tires, resulting in rubber powder or granules that meet the production and manufacturing regulations.

The waste tire shredder achieves the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving. And there is no smoke and dust in the working environment, zero pollution, and meet the field organic waste gas exhaust standard. The tire crushing structure is composed of advanced smoke control processing technology, which is a new type of rapid, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving machinery and equipment. The advanced smoke control zero-pollution processing technology is selected. The complete set of machinery and equipment includes: 1. The complete set of machinery and equipment consists of a dissolving system (wound, cutting, and slicing); 2. A grinding system (barrel grinding, fine grinding); 3. Stainless steel wire separation system (magnetic box, transporting magnetizer) 4. Transportation system (screw feeder, belt conveyor, hurricane automatic feeder); 5. Selection system; 6. Control system (control box).


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